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Anime or Japanese Animation has become quite popular over the past several years and yet it can still be hard for its’ fans to find.  Most people may be familiar with the series that are shown on mainstream television, like Naruto or Bleach, but there are thousands of others that make up a whole world of Anime Products that also have numerous fans.  One local high school student and a few friends who are dedicated Anime fans, saw this as an opportunity to try their skills at entrepreneurship.

MY ANIMIX has a wide selection of Anime Products and includes a Wi-fi Cafe offering Japanese snacks and drinks, plenty of room for table top games, photo booth area, & even DDR, all FREE!  Come Hang Out With Us!

Check our Events Calender for upcoming events including Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, DDR, Drawing Nights, Gaming Nights, Screenings, and more!  We have lots of fun!

Having a Birthday or a Group Gathering?  MY ANIMIX Now Has plenty of room for your next Group Gathering or Birthday Party!  So if you want to have fun, have your next B-Day or Group Gathering at MY ANIMIX! For more information check our Birthday Parties page for pricing and details! 

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We are so excited to see you all!!!

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